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Five Reasons to Email to Fax Free

Five Reasons to Email to Fax Free

Most firms are now taking advantage of online fax services to communicate effectively with clients. You can email for a speedier and more enjoyable experience.

Online faxing comes with features that are advanced compared to those that come with other faxing means. If you are still thinking whether to email to fax or not, presented below are some of the reasons you should embrace online faxing with wide open arms:

Send to Numerous Recipients

You need to send fax messages to various recipients in some cases. If you decide to use the traditional faxing methods, then you will spend a considerable fraction of your time preparing and sending the messages. On the flip side, online faxing allows you to send the messages to multiple recipients at once to save your time.

With just a few clicks, you can pass your message to a full roster of contacts. Besides, you will be alerted whether they have received your message or not. Faxing online is as simple as sending emails.

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Quick Access

Online fax messages have to pass through a hosting service to be converted into a format that is compatible with a fax machine or email. On the flipside, fax messages that are directly sent to your number are converted into email immediately so that you can view them instantly on your computer. It’s now possible to send fax messages directly from your mobile device if you are connected to the internet. This means that you can email and fax anytime.

No Machines

Regular faxing needs faxing machines, different phone lines, and modems. And that is not all, you also require trained people to operate the machines. With online fax, you need the computers that are already present at your offices. You just need to hunt for the right faxing software to use, and you are ready to start. You don’t even have to worry about the telephone lines since the messages are sent and received online.


With traditional faxing, you have no option but to purchase expensive fax papers. In some instances, you will end up wasting some of the documents. Internet faxing helps to conserve the environment by eliminating the use of paper. You can now do your part to reduce your carbon footprint by faxing online.


holding a piggy bankYou don’t have to part with a single cent to send fax messages. This means that it can help your business to cut down on communication costs significantly. You don’t have to worry about buying expensive faxing machines as well as their toners to send your messages. The money that you save can be channeled into expanding or bettering your organization.

The hints as discussed above are meant to persuade you to email to fax free. Now that you know them, you can get the most out of your internet faxing. If you don’t have the time to create and send the online fax messages, you can hire a faxing service to take care of your business. What are you waiting for? Start internet faxing today!…