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Intel International Science and Engineering Fair

Science Service administers the lntel International Science and Engineering Fair. We have developed our website to help interested persons find information about the fair, rules and guidelines, affiliated fairs, and all other pertinent information that we can think to put up on the site. Also available are all of the Intel ISEF forms available for pdf downloading.

NASA Life Sciences Support Contract Science Project Guidelines

This is a site that provides a comprehensive set of guidelines on the fundamentals of putting together a science fair project. The Guide has been written from the experience of judges from the Life Sciences Support Contract at the Kennedy Space Center who have judged at their local science fairs.

The All Science Links

General Information on Science Fair Projects and the study of Science ... A site with beautiful multimedia content providing online lessons and interactive movies on the study of science and technology.

Neuroscience For Kids - science fairs

Successful Science Fair Projects ... Projects become frustrating to students, parents and teachers when they are left to the last minute and thus don't have the chance to be as good as they possibly can.

California State Science Fair

The California State Science Fair has an excellent resources page of Science Fair links to help get started with projects including other fairs and school district resource pages.

Mad Scientist

Absolutely the best way to get help for your science project. Now with over 1000 members and growing, the Mad Scientist and his team of Mentors have helped thousands of students from all over the world with their science project problems!.


Science Fair and Projects Grades 7-12

Published by the National Science Teachers Association 1840 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, VA 22201 (703) 243-7100 $9.50 Suggestions involving students in science projects, guiding parents in their child's investigation. Includes sections on Planning Ahead, The What, Why, and How of Projects, A Fair Evaluation, and Beyond the Science Fair.

How to Prepare a Science Fair Project

Published by United Learning (800) 424-0362 Videotape ($ 9.50 - 25 minutes) Blackline Masters Provides teachers and student guides, which include sample forms, sample long-range schedule, ideas for science fair projects, judges score sheet, and certificate of accomplishment.

1001 Ideas for Science Projects

Published by Prentice Hall General Reference Columbus Circle, New York, NY 10023 (800) 288-4745 Hundreds of stimulating, project ideas for students, from middle school to college, and their teachers. Informative and easy to follow, covers every area of science.

Science For Kids: 39 Easy Animal Biology Experiment

Published by TAB books Blue Ridge Summit, PA 17294-0850 Learn about a wide assortment of animals while studying such topics as anatomy, life cycle, hibernation, and sensory perception.

Science Fair: Developing a Successful and Fun Project

Published by TAB Books Blue Ridge Summit. PA 17294-0850 An Excellent guide for students with minimal adult supervision. which provides easy-to-follow instructions on step-by-step of project preparation instructions to include from choosing a topic. defining the problem, setting up and conducting the experiment. drawing conclusions to setting up the display.

Nuts and Bolts: A Matter of Fact Guide to Science Fair Projects:

1980, Van Deman, Barry, A and McDonald, Ed., The Science Man Press, Harwood Heights, lllinois, 62p.

INQUIRE: Suggested Activities to Motivate the Teaching of Intermediate Science:

976, Youngpeter, John, M. Ed., Educational Service Inc, Setvensville, Michigan, 221p.

Science Experiments for the Primary Grades:

1962, Reid, Robert, W., Pitman Leaming Inc, Belmont, California, 40p

Science Activity Book From the Smithsonian Institution:

1987, Galison Books, New York, New York, 90p.

More Science Activities From the Smithsonian Institution:

1988, Galison Books' NewYork, New York, 90p

Still More Science Activities From the Smithsonian Institution:

1989, Galison Books, New York New York, 90p

Our Wonderful World - Environmental Studies Project Aims - Grades 5-9:

1987, Wiebe, Arthur, Ecklund, Larry, and Mercier, Sheryl Eds., AIMS Education Foundation, Fresno, California, 36p.

Popping With Power - Project Aims - Grades 3-4:

1987, Wiebe, Arthur, Ecklund, Larry, and Mercier, Sheryl Eds., AIMS Education Foundation, Fresno, California, 36p.

Tim's Science Notebook:

1985, DeCloux, Tina and Werges, Rosanne, American Teaching Aids, Covina, California, 45p.

School Ground Science Activities for Elementary and Middle Schools:

1988, Roth, Charles, E., Cleti, Cervoni, Welluitz, Thomas, and Arms, Elizabeth, Massachusetts Audubon Society, Lincoln, Massachusetts, 64p.

Creative, Hands-on Science Experiences:

1986, DeBruin, Jerry, Good Apple Inc., Carthage, Illinois, 247p.

Nevada Science Fair